Self Published Comics
The small press titles are comics that have been written and illustrated by me and have been made available for purchase at small press fairs around the UK.
Bon Appetit (2012)

This my runner up entry for the 2012 Manga Jiman competition hosted by the Japanese Embassy.

The theme was 'Ganberre' or 'Do your best'.

You can read it online here!

18 This Summer (2012)

Three friends embark on various rites of passage during their summer holidays, one girl gets a battle scar on her 18th birthday, a young boy falls in love with a mysterious origami folding girl and a group of geurilla gardeners have a run in with the law.(sample pages)

Available to purchase in store at Orbital Comics, London.

Parafect (2009)

An unusual tale about a girl and her parasite in their battle to have a prescription filled after a series of pharmaceutical strikes. (sample pages)

Available to purchase in store at Orbital Comics, London.

Microwavable Fox (2008)

A whimsical tale of a girl who furnishes her student accommodation with a second hand microwave only to learn that it is haunted by the ghost of a little Japanese fox... (sample pages)

Luminocity: Unicorn's Vision (2007)
The adventure of a young boy and a unicorn on a quest to stop the stars from disappearing. (sample pages)
Once Upon a Time

The ballad of Humpkin Pumkin

Written by Iva Batustic & Clare Johnson

Pubilshed by Guru Kitty Studios

A short tale told in verse about a lonely little butternut squash just wants to have a friend.

Availale to purchase here

Uk Web Comic Thing Anthologies
Dinosaur themed Child's Play

I wanted to use this comic as an excuse to create a comic with a style heavily rooted in children's illustration to give the story a whimsical feel. I think I had succeeded.

Water colours and pencils

Read here!

Mars themed Terrestrial Life

This comic was an opportunity for me to experiment with narration.

Pencils and photoshop

Read here!

Giraffe themed Missing you

A slightly melancholic

Pencils and water colours

Read here!

Important things themed The Importance of Hoovering

A silly little comic about evil dustbunnies.

Fine liners and photoshop

Read here!